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Ketan Mohite collaborates with Bruno Merz for an ode to life called Jahan – Score Indie Reviews

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Be it in terms of his musicality, lyricism, or his somber voice, Ketan Mohite has been making quite some soulful songs in recent times. Jahan, his latest single, is no exception as he muses about a Utopian world that he envisions for himself (or a “pyara sa jahan” as he puts it).

Produced by New Zealand native Bruno Merz, the foreign collaborator also lends his vocals in a few verses accompanied by Annanda Prasanna Pattanaik’s flute. The latter is also popularly known as the flutist in indie veteran Lucky Ali’s band. Coming back to Merz, his laidback charm makes for equally soothing vocal parts that gel well with Mohite’s parts. Even though Mohite doesn’t take up too much space in his own single, his voice still stands out on its own.

From a marketing perspective, the overall sound would be a good fit for calming videos or travel reels on Instagram. And this is why the official video also complements the track. Jahan is accompanied by a visual that shows two bikers’ points of view as they explore the Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh.

With the pandemic raising its head yet again with a third wave, social isolation seems to be the trend yet again. In the face of this, a video like this can give some sort of solace to viewers.

In the end, Jahan is not as dramatic as Mohite’s previous singles like Tera Intezaar but it works well enough as a cross-border collaboration that celebrates love and life.

Verdict: A blissful sound with some blissful thoughts.

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