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Ketan Mohite really knows how to create a calming atmosphere with his music, as is evident from calm and composed voice and guitar-driven songs like Tera Intezaar and the more recent Manzil. In terms of the sound, Manzil might sound like a spiritual sequel to Tera Intezaar as there are a few similarities in his vocal style. Whether this works in the favor of the listener, that is obviously subjective as some would still want a newer sound from Mohite. 

With that being said, he seems to be in his comfort zone as the song starts off with some fine guitar picking as Mohite’s laidback style muses on some familiar themes. As the Hindi track’s title suggests, Manzil is an introspective work on finding one’s journey in life. Mohite’s lyrics find him lost on an unknown path but he still follows his instinct to find his way, ending on an open-ended, abstract, and optimistic note. 

The poetic lyrics are complemented well with Kalyan Baruah’s production and carry forward Mohite’s thought-provoking tracks that we saw 3 months ago with his EP Hope. Maybe, a change in tone can include him picking up more ‘trendy’ themes rather than poetic reflections on love and life. 
But for now, Manzil is definitely worth a listen if you are in the mood to unwind. Every once in a while, we would want to feel the urge to explore some unchartered territories in life, finding our very own ‘manzil’. In this sense, it would also feel like a relatable power ballad for those lost souls who are indeed indulging in some soul searching. 

Verdict: Ketan Mohite explores his brand of introspective music on Manzil. 

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