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Jade’s Tshirt From Every Lover is a bittersweet track on love-splits and attachment – Score Indie Reviews

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After releasing a slew of covers on Instagram, Jade has recently released her debut single, an acoustic soft rock number interestingly titled Tshirt From Every Lover. 

With the acoustic guitar-driven production reminiscent of early 2000s pop and soft rock, Jade’s vocals are confident and reveal a certain vulnerability at the same time. She seems tired and yet accepting of the fact that maybe the men in her life so far are just temporary characters, leaving behind only their tshirts as remnants. 

The metaphor in Poorvi Naithani’s simple yet amusing lyrics might be relatable to some listeners who have made their peace with the fact that their love life isn’t like a cheesy, over-romanticised pop number. That’s because Tshirt From Every Lover is definitely more than that. 

A slight percussive rhythm accompanies the usual acoustic strums during the chorus, building up the pace but still, Jade doesn’t bite more than she can chew. All in all, it’s a bittersweet single that makes for a promising debut for the singer-songwriter. 

While the production is reminiscent of several other recent indiepop tracks, Jade’s songwriting in this number is what sets it apart. In fact, a slight jazzy rendition on the track can make it even better for a live performance. 
The song might be simple overall but it does carry possibilities to be reinvented. Clocking at over three minutes, Jade’s single also works in terms of repeatability. 

As the year draws to a close, there indeed might be some mellow souls who might just be holding on to the tshirts of their former lovers. Here’s hoping that they get attached to something more than a tshirt! Till then, stream Tshirt From Every Lover for the mellow vibes. 

Verdict- An interesting metaphor set against some soothingly mellow instrumentation. 

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