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Justin Bieber Boyfriend :: Video Review

Justin Bieber’s out with his first video from hugely anticipated 3rd

Justin Bieber’s out with his first video from hugely anticipated 3rd album, Believe

For starters, I’m surprised my Twitter feed isn’t bursting with Belieber bots. An official Justin Bieber release is the stuff server crashes are made of. 

The single was released as an audio clip a while ago. And as one YouTube comment rightly said, it DOES sound like Justin Bieber featuring the whistling whales (it oscillates from surprise, to annoyance to finally, undistracting – I’m talking about that constant OOooo swoop in the background that you shall sooon be listening to!). The word swag & it’s many versions (swaggy, at one point) are generously thrown about – sometimes in whispers, sometimes in falsettos. Produced by Mike Posner, it’s laid back with an R&B groove & a really neat oriental hook (especially towards the end) that gets those shoulders moving. 

Things That Haven’t Changed In The New & Improved Beebs

  • Still no sign of facial hair
  • Lyrics –> sad slow mo facepalms. Fondue & Buzz Lightyear have been roped in for this lyrical travesty. Amongst many others.

[youtube_video id=4GuqB1BQVr4]

Now I have always loathed male pop stars like Jesse McCartney, Gareth Gates, Will Young, etc with a vengeance. But I definitely loved the good ones like Justin Timberlake, Usher, Rob Thomas & the lot. People can argue that in this track Bieber is using the same formula as earlier male pop singers, but he is doing it well. It’s a pretty good melody with the production intact – radio fodder, served on a platter.

Getting to the video, Justin looks most comfortable when strumming a guitar or busting a move. Not with gameface. I understand you are now 18 & you are trying to make a statement to prove you have the same wet dreams as other adolescent boys, but that be a casting fail. All the females in this video look older than him. The chosen tart who grinds against our boyfriend material Bieber really steals his thunder by emanating bimbo vibes so strong, it might cause a lapse in net connection for all the smart people viewing it. 

Bieber also happens to be the only white boy in this neighbourhood going on & on about swag. Under stereotypical Hollywood conditions, he’d be sucker punched to a pulp by homies but in these settings they all just break into coordinated step.

Otherwise though, it’s stylish and sleek. And I’m not just talking about the swanky wheels in the video; overall the older, more mature Justin Bieber has sort of arrived; with help from wayfarers & black leather albeit. The grown up persona is acknowledged (hopefully, stubble shall soon show up).

With regard to his musical themes, could Bieber have unresolved babysitter issues? There is a needy pattern here. Baby, Somebody To Love, this new pitch at being a Boyfriend – for his sake, I sincerely hope the lyrical matter changes. Because everything else seems to be taking shape pretty well. He’s got great production on board & dancing abilities at par with Chris Brown or even big daddy Usher

[youtube_video id=SOI4OF7iIr4]

It’s probably time the laughter died down and Justin Bieber got taken a little more seriously. What comes after a euphoric rise to the top? A better understanding of musical inclinations & fanbase, we hope. Will Bieber be given another chance by those that think he is the paradigm of hopeless in music? And will the Beliebers break glasses with their shrieks? Lets wait & watch!

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