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DJ Reji a.k.a Ray G to hold workshop at PALM Expo 2012!

For all you aspiring DJs out there, here’s your chance to be taught by one of the best!

So we all know about the Musician Expo & Palm Expo 2012. Not only is it going to have every brand of every music instrument made under one roof, It’s also got artist performances, Live shows, demos of all the latest products and technology.

Guess what else it’s gonna have?

DJ Reji *DRUM ROLL* the DMC Champion of Pune(2000), The War of the DJs winner from Mumbai(2007), and the Kingfisher Ultra DJ (2010) – WILL be there! And he will be taking an exclusive workshop just for you!

The workshop covers the following skills:

•    Equipment set up and break down.
•    Standard hand to record and hand to fader technique
•    Basic music theory
•    Basic mixing and blending
•    Basic scratch techniques
•    History on DJing and Hip-Hop Culture

You get to learn all this from the man who’s not only trained more than 500 people in some the most respected DJing institutes in Mumbai, but was also mentioned as one of the most influential DJs in the city by Time Out Mumbai!

Don’t worry though. You don’t need any eqiupment or existent titles to come join a session (Each session is for an hour). Just drop by the PALM Expo 2012 on the 1st of june, 3:00 P.M and you too can be SPIN-tastic!

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