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BLAKC’s Untitled: Music Video Review

BLAKC’s video for their new single “Untitled” from their forthcoming album that’s releasing in June. Catch the video! 

The first thing that comes to mind when the video kicks off is the video of ‘Carnival of Rust‘ by Poets of The Fall. The subdued hues, the haunting melody, the abandoned surroundings, the painted faces…. But, what the hey, that video was an amazing video. It’s not a bad thing, not a bad thing at all.

The glimpse of the tweety bird on Roop’s bass is an amazing touch. Someone should have rethought Shawn’s makeup though, because he doesn’t look haunting or melancholy at all, just like an adorable raccoon! Or someone’s comic version of two black (Blakc?) eyes. The others hit the nail right on the head. Vocally, Shawn’s just gotten better and better over the years. The sound is good alt rock; the overall product is neat. There isn’t a decipherable storyline though. Are they all just mannequins on some deeper level, puppets in the world’s stage, singing about a girl? We aren’t going to beat ourselves up for not getting the concept. Due credit to Enter Guerilla Films for taking us through the 4 minutes with aesthetic visual appeal.

[youtube_video id=ACa2vqhSaXc]

Very pro, very very nice! BLAKC is based out of Mumbai. They brought out a debut in 2008, Choking On a Dream. In the next couple of months, they are bringing us a fresh new record, Untitled is just one single off that! Share this video folks & you have a chance to get some free music from the band!

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We caught them live some time ago & take our word (or words) for it, they ARE quite an experience live!

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