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Mellow D and DJ Ruchir collaborate for the heartbreak club anthem of the year ‘Roko Roko’: Score Indie Reviews

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Roko Roko charters familiar territory in the sense that it talks about a person who just went through an adulterous relationship and the subsequent melancholy. Heartbreak has been a common theme in all of the recent indie music, regardless of the genre. But what makes this new single by Mellow D noteworthy is probably the catchy instrumental drop that follows the hook.

This doesn’t necessarily imply that Mellow D’s breezy verses aren’t vibe-inducing but he plays safe with his lyrical elements following a tried-and-tested formula. Still, the lyrics would be relatable to some lovesick listeners and Roko Roko serves as a good reminder for people to get over such situations and believe in themselves no matter what. 

His chorus, in particular, adds life to the song. The rapper isn’t unnecessarily crooning or melodramatically proclaiming his heartbreak. He’s just lightly grieving, underplaying his emotions, and hoping that someone stops him before he indulges in acts of self-destruction (particularly alcoholism as can be seen in the music video). In this sense, Roko Roko indeed plays out as a bit of a profound track despite its familiar tropes. 

DJ Ruchir serves as the producer and is responsible for turning it into quite a club banger. No wonder even majority of the video is set in the confines of a dim-lit club. While the post-pandemic era has definitely led to a lull in club audiences but once the night hubs open their doors, Roko Roko does have the potential to be quite a feel-good anthem. It starts off on a ‘mellow’ note (no pun intended) but transcends into a celebratory tune of self-confidence and positive manifestations for a better future. 

Given that Mellow D has helmed other viral club bangers too, he does have the commercial potential to match the likes of artists such as Arjun Kanungo and the like. As for Ruchir, he too deserves to add his touch to many such peppy numbers. 

Verdict: A club banger born out of a heartbreak.

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