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Jeanne Merchant & Anshuman Sharma – Round and Round: Score Indie Reviews

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Jeanne Merchant has been a singer, pianist and vocal coach for a long time. She is an exceptional singer and can effortlessly pull off challenging genres like R&B, soul and jazz. In this post, we are going to take a look at her latest track “Round and Round”.

“Round and Round” is a song about political doctrine which makes use of religious and cultural differences to achieve political ends, whether it’s Black lives, Asian lives, inter-religious groups or other such issues. It also is about us as a race abusing our planet so much so as to create huge problems like climate change, famine, poverty etc. 

The thing that is apparent when you listen to the track for the first time is just the sheer quality of the music: crisp, clear and beautiful. “Round and Round” comes from Jeanne Merchant’s heart and is a great observation on life, whether that be hers or others around her, on a small scale or large; we can instantly relate to them and know that they reflect how we feel. Love is a theme that flows through this track, even if it is not always easy or does not run according to how you think it should. It might even make you wonder how you can feel the extent of someone else’s pain without actually experiencing it. 

It would be easy to draw comparisons with other singers but that would be lazy and disingenuous to Jeanne Merchant whose voice hides little in the way of emotion but it is not mawkish. When Jeanne Merchant sings, it is empathy, not sympathy we hear. 

Among the many things that really cannot be praised highly enough, the arrangements are outstanding. There is a range of wonderfully performed and aptly produced (by Anshuman Sharma) instruments across the track, all of which add to the wonderful voice of Jeanne Merchant which floats out of the speakers and flows straight into your heart. 

Verdict: Compassionate.

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