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Tanmaya Bhatnagar makes her English debut with the ambient EP Wherever I Go, I’d Like To Be All I Need – Score Indie Reviews

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Wherever I go, I’d like to be all I need. This relatable emotion makes for the title of Tanmaya Bhatnagar‘s recent 4-track EP. The compilation is ambient, soothing, and a perfect listen for indiepop listeners who are into somber acoustic and piano-driven ballads.

The EP opens with Quietly, a dreamy intro to the isolation that the protagonist feels in what seems like a bittersweet situation. The subtle keys do convey some melancholia but at the same time, Bhatnagar’s hushed-down vocals feel comforting. Maybe, it can also play out like a reassuring statement to the lonely listener, emulating a shared sense of loneliness that is only apt in these modern times of social isolation.

The bittersweet textures of Bhatnagar’s voice carry on in the titular track that plays next. Coupled with some laidback acoustic guitar strumming, she channels her inner voice to tell listeners that it is okay to be comfortable with oneself. Otherwise, we are just caught up craving and thriving off the attention that we receive from others. The concept might be philosophical but the songstress’s lyrics are easy enough to comprehend for a lazy listening session.

This is followed by Careful! It’s My Heart which is arguably the most dramatic of all the tracks. It starts off with a low-scale arrangement as usual but builds up towards a faster electric guitar interlude with Bhatnagar still maintaining her mellow charm. This is the kind of song that can easily make one equate her with soft rock and pop artists like Dido or Dolores O’Riordan from the Cranberries. As the title suggests, the song deals with the fragility of the human heart and the artist’s fears in getting it broken.

It might be a cliche to say that her calming voice is suited for a ukulele. Before this thought appears, the final track I Can’t Go Back To Sleep channels a uke in its production. Even though it can be compared to other uke-releases in the recent past, the song still goes very well with overall blue themes of the EP. Bhatnagar’s energy is the most fluid in this one that also feels like the rawest track of the EP.

This is perhaps because it is based on a rough voice note that she recorded on her phone right after dreaming a Utopian dream. The contrast between the mellow reality and her vibrant dream is a noteworthy theme to explore indeed.

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