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It’s A Workshop On Laughter!

You can’t keep a good instinct suppressed for long, and humour-rock band, Workshop, are back after their little unofficial split. Get ready for a melee of double entendres and barfly riffs.

The split was precipitated by the departure of bassist Riju Dasgupta last year, during turbulent times for the then relatively young collaboration. Sahil ‘Demonstealer’ Makhija, who fronts this outfit, talked about the band having reached a low point that they felt they couldn’t salvage.

But salvage is what rockstars do, amongst other things, and Blue Frog is all set to stage their de facto rebirth on 8th January. There hasn’t been any announcement made on Dasgupta’s imminent replacement, nor do we know who will slot into the lead guitarist’s role, since Devesh Dayal from Goddess Gagged had been filling in so far, but I think you can just concern yourselves with choosing the t-shirt you want to wear.

Either way, the show is a-go and something we believe you should definitely haul yourself to – their irreverent tongues remain firmly lodged in their cheeks, and let’s see your Sunday evening blues survive this pretty one-of-a-kind musical trip-up.

[youtube_video id=O38V_7MXAtg]

Yeah, and it gets even funnier. 

[youtube_video id=TRLylllx5Ec]

I do it with the disco on too. 

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