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Insane Prophecy’s Debut EP

Another death metal album from Indian stables hardly sounds like an Insane Prophecy. That’s just the name these black metal perpetrators from Guwahati have given themselves. Their debut EP, Apogee Of An Inquisition, is slated for release on 21st January at B69, Mumbai.

Bassist Xulfi Nawaz, drummer Ifty Sarwar and guitarist Bikash Subba make up this trio from hell, who went back to deliberating on the “various ideas of Satanism – and its secrecy to the outer world which includes focuses on inquisitions and rule to suppress the same” as Xulfi Nawaz puts it.

Much of the growling and gnashing happened at the Lucid Recess Studios in Guwahati, where the album was compiled out of Insane Prophecy’s own setlists from the past couple of years.

The incredible number of personnel changes apart, they believe this the genre and line-up that serves them best. It’s a dark, vengeful utopia, which will be handily introduced to the world at the Black Metal Kreig II meltdown at B69 in Mumbai TONIGHT!!

The tracklist from the EP:

  1. The Blasphemy Of A Diabolic
  2. The Canticle
  3. At The Apogee Of An Inquisition
  4. Obsequies

Here’s arguably their most popular song, The Blasphemy Of A Diabolic. Check out some cool guitar work.

[youtube_video id=99uhDsesJ3M]

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