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Jack White Gets His Arsch Lecked

Just another day at Detriot when Jack White has teamed up with The Insane Clown Posse to produce the sublimely named song, ‘Leck Mich Im Arsch’.

For the linguistically challenged, it apparently translates to ‘Lick Me In The Arse’.

Now that you’ve finished tearing up the wallpaper in bits, the metal/rap song uses the melody-line composed by Mozart in 1782.

Yup. The feces floodgates just got ripped the fuck-open. 

Now, why White, who is a respectable musician by any standards (mostly because he is in a band with Allison Moshart) would condescend to co-operate with the unintelligable, hatred proliferating rap duo who are mystified by giraffes, is a question everybody’s asking.

 Giraffes and “motherfucking” magnets. Yes, that was a direct quote.

Apparently, Jack White thinks that ICP is brilliant (which, in seventeen countries in the world, is a criminal offence).

Violent J of ICP, told, “White told us that nobody got the kind of reaction he got from his friends in the industry when he told them he was going to do a song with us. His exact quote was, ‘We could’ve done a song with Megadeth and it wouldn’t be as talked-about as us working with you guys.’ “

Yes. That is because everybody fucking hates you, Violent J, and hopes that you are riddled with ebola while undergoing spontaneous rectal prolapse. 

Sigh. I suppose the masochists among you would want to hear the song:



HERE! Look what you have unleashed upon the world, and despair!

The only possible reasonable response I can think of now is an insane desire to Keck ‘Em Im Bollocksch. 

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