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Ho’ttest Of Em All: Nicola, Cher or Nicole?

Cher Lloyd, Nicole Scherzinger & Nicola Roberts – a hazeltop, a brunette & a redhead! We’ve been pimpin’ & we found these three sizzlin’!

The Brit bratpack (and the Mick Jagger fanclub – seriously, why is his name in every song lately?) has a new entrant – Cher Lloyd. She’s 17, hardly a prodigy and has a very flat stomach.

Yes, there is an uncanny resemblance to Cheryl Cole on first glance. There is in fact a connection between the two. Cher was on The X Factor with Ms. Cole as mentor.

According to this young gun, the element of cool is a tangible commodity that must be checked at all times. She’s kind enough to greet her haters with a hi and a kiss kiss and an assurance of seeing them later. Aww.


[youtube_video id=sdbyG2MrBHk]

It’s called getting with the times I guess. Until the next loud, pointless, neon chick hits the scene, we can get on the floor with this cutie. 

Plus it’s a decent family video with only minimal midriff-baring, mild grooving and harmless holla’s. 

Ex Girls Aloud member Nicola Roberts makes a resounding foray into the solo scene with Beat Of My Drum. If you don’t know what Girls Aloud was, they were the band that quickly distracted the public eye when the Spice Girls lost their sheen. 

[youtube_video id=V9Wv4SCBiTE]

Better sounding & more babe, really.

During her girl band days, Nicola was the demure redhead who hardly caught the eye. However, post GA’s breakup, she’s come out with a revamped persona that’s pretty much is demure toned down by 2. 


It’s dance pop – heavily produced and with a chorus that make it really hard to NOT dismiss this as a girl guides chant. That 80s inspired outfit is as far as creativity goes in the video.

Nicole Scherzinger is testament to old is gold (is that skin real?!) – On Wet, she’s got the moves alright. Writhing’s reserved for later in the video; there is some actual dancing. As far as the music goes, nope. It’s one of those songs that can only be borne when accompanied by a video with babelicious visuals. Nothing spectacular.


[youtube_video id=C9CjviJ5jsc]

Who do YOU thinks got swagger?

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