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ScoreByte: Cher Defends Her Son From Media Shitstorm

strong>Having Cher for a mum doesn’t give you the right to be freaky. Or does it? 

Having Cher for a mother doesn’t give you the right to be freaky. Or does it?

Chaz Bono should’ve seen it coming, even though it’s distasteful and demeaning to have people abuse you for something as personal as a sex change operation. And while he might’ve thought the glamourous canopy of his mother, Cher, might protect him from the public barrage, it seemed to have conversely attracted more attention to his dysfunction. But at least Cher stuck up for her kid, replying ferociously to all the online hecklers, who’ve been at it since Chaz was announced as one of the contenders on the new season of Dancing With The Stars. Not very articulate she was, but nonetheless, it’s good to see that age hasn’t toned down the spunk. 

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