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Indie Reviews: Jaane Kya Hote by Rahul Bhardwaj

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Rahul Bhardwaj sang, wrote, and composed Jaane Kya Hote, his sophomore single of gratitude and reminiscences. And it’s a real delight to hear. All through its duration, it maintains a slow, steady, pace with a somber tune that would be appreciated by audiences who are aficionados of acoustic indie music by artists like Taba Chake and Anuv Jain.

Bhardwaj’s lyrics delve deep into the people who shape us to be who we are. Through his mellow vocals, he offers gratitude to such people in his own life. His poetic lyrics and soothing voice mix well with the smooth
production that’s bound to satisfy many listeners.

With all that being said, Bhardwaj could’ve still added a dramatic interlude
or two in his composition or singing to make the song stand out of the
standard bittersweet indie sound. This needs to be highlighted for even if
Bhardwaj gives genuine efforts in being as original as he can with his
music, a few other Indie (or even Bollywood) songs on love and life would
almost replicate such a sound.

Verdict- It might sound a bit like a few other songs but Rahul Bhardwaj still
adds some genuine love and soul in Jaane Kya Hote.

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