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Indie Review: Seven by Voctronica

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Possibly the only group that can be seen as India’s answer to acapella troupe Pentatonix, Voctronica has established itself as India’s first all-vocal orchestra. Their latest single Seven shows their fusion skills at their finest as the six beatboxers/vocalists covers various genres, moods, and sounds in the course of just three minutes.

The styles range from Carnatic classical music to Drum N Bass presenting the listeners with a captivating, fast paced acapella song that’s bound to get you all hyped up. As has been the case with the rest of their discography, no instrumentals are used in Seven. All the sounds that you hear are produced from the members’ vocal cords and nothing else. With enough diversity of notes and styles, there’s something for everyone in this song. Not only does it have a catchy melody, the repeatability factor is also pretty high with this song.

And one can watch the visual accompanying the song to get an enhanced experience of Seven. On the surface, it might look like a normal video but it’s pretty detailed if you glance carefully. Illustrated, animated, and edited by Eshna Goenka, the video intricately replicates all the lip movements of the members at different parts of the song.

Verdict- Voctronica are continuing to set a new standard for Indian acapella as a genre of its own, as can be seen from this single.

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