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Indie Review: Victim in Love by Arham Fulfagar

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Guwahati born singer-songwriter Arham Fulfagar currently lives in Mumbai and makes music (among other things). When this prolific songwriter isn’t making music, he indulges in making videos and writing poetry. In this review, we will be taking a look at his latest track “Victim in
Love”, a pain soaked soliloquy about his trials and tribulations with love. If you ever tuned your radio to heartbreak station, you will probably hear tracks like Victim in Love on it.

The song itself is simple and direct, it sounds more like beautiful poetry with some light instrumentation than a song per se. But we are here to review it as a song and we will do just that. As the track kicks off, Arham sings “Don’t take me there, I’ve been there before, they step on my heart as I lay on the floor”. This song is clearly the story of a person who has suffered a lot of pain and heartbreak. Arham’s voice does a stellar job of conveying the pain and grief. The song gradually builds up to a satisfactory resolution as the instruments do a good job of playing the song out.

Victim in Love has some inherently good musical qualities but it can be much better with a slightly different musical arrangement. Arham Fulfagar has a distinctive and attractive vocal tone but the vocals are too loud and drown out every other instrument, making the song sound karaoke-like in parts. For a heartfelt song like Victim in Love, it’s obvious that the vocals will take precedence, but over here, they seem a little too dominant. The vocals can sound a little extra ear piercing (especially in the first half of the song) because of the lopsided vocal- instrumental balance. However, Victim in Love is definitely a very tuneful song and it can be improved by leaps and bounds with a more tasteful and balanced musical arrangement.

Verdict: Tuneful track, but needs a more balanced musical arrangement.

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