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Indie Review: Planet Goodbye by Dark Light

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Planet Goodbye is a recent track by the Bangalore rock outfit Dark Light.
As the name suggests, it seems to have cosmic undertones in its sound
along with a good old-school Soundgarden-like brand of philosophical
progressive rock.

The song starts off with some lead singer Jose Xavier’s soft-spoken
crooning but transcends to a dramatic chorus where the band welcomes its
listeners to the titular Planet Goodbye. This planet seems like a cold,
hopeless place where hearts get possessed, and souls get undressed. The
chorus is loud and soothing at the same time, much like the rest of Xavier’s
vocals. However, the song doesn’t stop there.

In an era when independent songs are getting shorter and shorter, Planet
Goodbye is filled with its theatrical instrumental interludes too over an 8-
minute duration. Subir Telang’s drumming increases the intensity and
Mohammed Uvais Ali’s guitaring keeps the spacey vibe running. A highlight
of the interlude is when Xavier’s voice is sampled in the background as he
keeps on repeating ‘I know that I’m seen’. A prophetic voiceover in the end
serves as an engaging outro too.

Verdict: Planet Goodbye has the potential of at least three rock songs in
one but merges its sonic variations smoothly in a very mystical, dramatic
composition that’s pleasing to the ears.

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