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Indie Review: Way too Long by Mallika Mehta

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Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Mallika Mehta recently dropped her
newest single, a ballad called Way Too Long. A song on acceptance and
believing in oneself, it’s a bittersweet track that makes for perfect evening
listening. The sound brings back the pop-rock atmospheres of various other
songs on self-love and acceptance by artists like Adele, Shakira, or even

Mehta’s vocals deserve special praise for she has an ability to sound soft
yet powerful at the same time. And Way Too Long totally bears testimony
to this vocal prowess of hers.

The production by Shivang Arora is also smooth and the guitar solos and
subtle drumming leaves enough space for her voice to be highlighted. The
lyrics about trust, love, and acceptance, seem to be a little derivative but
they still work in building a slow, ambient aura.

Verdict: More than anything, it’s Mallika Mehta’s voice that shines in Way
Too Long. This song feels like it has a dash of jazz, R&B, pop, soft rock, all
at once, thanks to her vocals.

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