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Indie Review: Not a Love Song by Sanjeev T

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Sanjeev collaborated with Native Indian, a Vocalist/ Producer from Chennai who lets you in on the deal with his first words: “Let me tell you now this is not a love song”. Sanjeev’s new track is a trip-hop styled set of unusual reassurances

“Its okay if you kinda fucked up, You can brush it off like it’s tough luck”

He scats through the state of the human mind, thrown into an eerie mix of apathy and anxiety because of the global lockdown. The lo-fi soundscape is quietly catchy, and provides perfect foil for the rather accurate descriptions of lockdown life: “Mom’s tryna teach me Slokas, Friends said I should try Yoga”

Native Indian’s voice moves between inflections of smoothness and harsh disdain. He gives voice to frustration, anguish and ennui – all repressed in the confines of a home that has become something like a prison at this point.

It’s hard to call the song soothing, even though it is musically arranged to be so. The words are biting, and it cuts to the heart of our collective illusions. An anthem to cynicism, Not a Love Song is a confession of the fact that things are bad, and it doesn’t look to be getting better.

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