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Indie Reviews: Tired of You by Rahul Menon ft No Hero

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Tired of you is Rahul Menon’s debut track featuring production from No
Hero. And for a debut, this song is bold, experimental, and very promising.
For starters, No Hero’s spacey, progressive production deserves praise
making him a producer to watch out for in the future. There’s a mysterious
aura in his music that makes the track perfect for night-time listening, when
everyday chaos stops and one just needs to calm down.

Rahul Menon’s vocals are heavily enhanced and phased adding to the
‘ASMR-like’ feel to Tired of you. Synthpop or experimental pop fans would
be impressed by Menon’s range. The lyrics have a mellow tinge to them, as
the hook and the fading outro stand out. ‘You’ve always got one of two
faces’, is a hook that does hook its listeners every time Menon croons
these lines.

Hardly having any flaws, the one drawback of the song can be its duration.
The song could’ve been better cutting down at least a minute as the refrain
towards the end feels pretty stretched at one point making it a bit
monotonous. Otherwise, Tired of you wouldn’t make listeners complain that much and shows a lot of promise from Menon and No Hero’s future

Verdict: Tired of you is one of the most promising musical debuts of this
year that shines with its overall relaxing, spacey aura.

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