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Indie Patrol :: Fossils :: Kolkata

If you were to get your hands on the latest issue of the Score Magazine, do you know of all the cool things you’ll find in its pages? We’ll give you a hint.

As you flip past cool stuff, and right before you get to some more cool stuff, here’s some really cool stuff. It’s that time we go around the country and handpick independent bands of disparate genres, who we know we can’t (and won’t) get enough of in times to come. We call it the Indie Patrol. 

We went to Kolkata and found something almost more memorable than the golgappas.

And definitely more hardcore.



Listen in to their music and spread the word!

[youtube_video id=3MmuJLe1OIE]

[youtube_video id=Zaqu1TE9s8U]

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