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Indie Music Reviews: Prabh Deep is back with a trap banger called Chitta

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A part of Azadi Records’ roster, Delhi-based Punjabi rapper Prabh Deep has often helmed several songs that are groovy and are still socially conscious in terms of lyrical content. His versatility can be seen from his last two records. While his first album Class-Sikh was a brutally raw and realistic take on growing up in a dark world as his locality Tilak Nagar. In his sophomore effort, the EP called King, he changed his sound with mellow bars on his newfound success.

His latest single Chitta seems to be an amalgamation of these diverse sounds. One can hear the ad-libs and slight allusions to his rise to fame that we got a glimpse of in King. However, the overall dark soundscape that the song creates has the MC going back to his roots, like Class-Sikh which he also references in Chitta. The catchy hook further finds Prabh Deep venturing into a trap rap territory.

What also needs to be brought to attention is how Prabh Deep has also grown as a producer over time. His King EP and his latest track on self-isolation both featured breezy, jazz-like production by him. Here, with a new trap sound, he further exposes his overall musicality. Hence after a slew of songs with calm vibes, it does seem that the rapper-producer is getting back to a more energetic form.

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