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Indie Music Review: Shashaa Tirupati’s Leprechaun Love would give you good vibes, whether you’re a leprechaun or not!

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Leprechauns are mischievous little creatures in Irish folk tales who usually have a hidden pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. In the current scenario of isolation and paranoia, songstress Shashaa Tirupati released an upbeat ballad called the Leprechaun Love, a call for us to be a bit carefree and fun-loving like maybe a leprechaun!

In terms of lyrical content, the Indo-Canadian singer-songwriter describes the songs being about ‘catching rainbows, running after mirages, and holding on to anything that brings a smile to your heart’.  Marc D Muse’s production seems like a blend of a chilled-out indie song along with an upbeat jazz melody that goes well with Tirupati’s ‘drawly’ vocals. One would get easily get reminded of other artists with optimistic feel-good sounds like most of Mikey McCleary’s discography.

Yet Shashaa Tirupathi seems to be carving a niche of her own. The song overall is a bit indie, a bit jazzy, a bit weird, a bit soothing but all happy. Everything from the video with its random filters and hues, and its merry lyrics gives an overall good vibe that is very much needed, now more than ever.

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