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Indie Music Review: Naezy’s 302 introduces audiences to his new alter ego

Naezy, the MC from Mumbai who pioneered the gully rap scene along with other heavyweights like Divine and Ace has had his popularity increasing after the film Gully Boy, that was loosely inspired from his life. This time, Naezy tries to do something different by introducing an alter ego.

302 is a fast-paced track that gives listeners a glimpse into the rapper’s new alter ego of the same name whose job is to ‘murder beats with rhymes’. The song is a treat for his die-hard listeners. Lyrically, Naezy delves in narratives on how the state and police tend to create corrupt regimes and communal unrest (something that he has explored well in his 2019 release Mama Mia under Azadi Records).

Still, the monotony can be dismissed as Naezy’s flow still seems to be on point. He clearly seems to be having fun in this track, with one rhyme after the other. Written and recorded in his comfort zone, 302 is an entertaining song within its 2-minute duration. It would be interesting to see what the rapper will cook up next under this new identity.




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