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Indie Review: Heal (Aditi Ramesh feat. Tre Ess)

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Heal is an excessively melodic reminder of individual privilege in Covid-clouded times. Much has already been said about Aditi Ramesh’s lush, honeyed voice. She usually pairs up those pipes with unusual instrumentation, often splicing classical vocal flows (dwarn from Carnatic training and riyaz) with more new age inclination. 

Heal is not an exception to this. In the midst of Ramesh’s masterful technique swoops in Ranch-based producer Tre Ess with an uninhibited, mellow-but-dynamic production with Soul at its heart and R&B keeping stimulating its toes. 

Ramesh’s lyrical quality here is straightforward and yet comforting. She offers solace “If you’re feeling anxious/ You’re not alone/ You can call anybody you want on the telephone” but does not let her listeners forget their gratitude “If you are hearing this song, you are privileged.”

She takes the role of a comforting and conscientious elder, acknowledging the sadness of the world while keeping it sane with reminders of the little blessings – a clear sky, increased birdcall, more breathable air. She ends the song with another reminder of our role in creating the world we inhabit: “This is bigger than you, bigger than me, bigger than all of us. Let us reconsider our choices and how we choose to live our lives.

As always, Aditi presents nectar for the ears, ladling it with obvious profundity. Everything she says may seem obvious, but it is easy to forget our fortunes in times of trouble. When that momentary darkness descends, play this song. Start to heal. 

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