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Indie Music Review: Taa Music Vol.1 is a smooth multicultural anthology album

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Recently, singer Aanchal Srivastava was in the news for lending her vocals on the wedding song in the Amazon Prime show Four More Shots Please. Not only did Srivastav’s melodious voice shine, the song also drew considerable attention for it plays during a lesbian wedding scene, a first for any Indian show. Srivastava also has his own band Yatra and is the founder of a record label called Taa Music to help emerging artists from all over the country.

The label recently dropped its four-track anthology album that unites various talents from various linguistic and cultural backgrounds. The result could have been messy but it ended up being a pretty soothing compilation. The standout track has to be the most energetic one though, a Punjabi dhol-based folk track called Aya Lariye. For this particular song, a few child singers joined Srivastava on the recording. Apparently, she discovered these young talents while she was judging a school show in Badlapur. Sun Charke Di and Vallav Re Nakhwa are a few other songs that shine with introspective verses and strong music transitions. 

All in all, Taa Music Vol 1 is filled with many flavours and a lot of promise that would make one eager to see the talents that this record label would bring out in the future. The songs are soft to the ears and instantly catchy.

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