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Indie Music Review: Dialog is an engaging experience disguised as music

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Composed by Souvik Chakraborty and Ankit Uppal, Dialog is a 3-minute electronic number with a very engaging, urban sound. Supplementing the soothing production are a few muffled dialogues that seem to be sampled from a street or market scene.

Unlike most of India’s electronic songs taking the conventional route these days, Dialog doesn’t rely on any heavy bass drops or dramatic interludes. The music keeps on progressing at a similar pace albeit with different soundscapes making it a very diverse-sounding track. It’s not like it’s the first of its kind in the Indian scene but still Chakraborty and Uppal deserve credit for the experimentative sound that they try to achieve. 

As mentioned before, the urban sound of the music and dialogues do make it pretty catchy and would suit a film’s sequence at a local market. It’s an amusing activity to hear Dialog while closing your eyes as it would indeed help you visualise such markets and streets even though most of them might be closed after the pandemic. All in all, Dialog is an experience disguised as music.

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