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Indie music review- Dheere Se by Gaurav Tophakhane

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Dheere Se Grows On You…Quite Fast

Promising Pune based singer/songwriter Gaurav Tophakhane is an extraordinary artist with his feet set in two different artistic worlds. He started his artistic journey as a freelance photographer for many of India’s best known bands. After capturing so many musicians through his lens, Gaurav decided to create some music of his own and founded the pop-rock band Skylight Vision in 2014. The band dropped its debut EP in 2014 and went on to collaborate with Shaair & Func. The band went on to perform all over the country with the highlight being their performance during the 2015 NH7 Weekender in Pune alongside Flying Lotus and Mark Ronson. The band went on a hiatus in 2017 as the members decided to spend some time on their solo projects. A result of one of those solo projects is the lead singer Gaurav Tophakhane’s  “Dheere Se”, the song which we are reviewing here.

The song starts with Gaurav singing “Na jaane kyon, kaisi hai ye khushi”, that is going to be the most likely reaction to anyone listening to this song. The song has so many beautiful elements to it that listening to it is bound to put a smile on your face. However, instead of pointing out every single one of them, we are just going to tell you that the song is greater than the sum of its parts. All the rest of the goodness is for you to discover and marvel at.

Some songs are a thrill ride, like being driven around a Grand Prix track in a race car by Lewis Hamilton. “Dheere Se” is more like going on a slow cruise down the Italian Riviera in a Ferrari Daytona. It’s slow, beautiful and elegant. Gaurav’s voice doesn’t as much as pronounce the words, it emotes and enunciates everything. He doesn’t break any technical boundaries with his singing, but he does a stellar job transmitting the emotions from his heart to yours. Sometimes, that’s all you need from a singer.

Just like the chorus says, “Dheere se, dheeme se sama jaao”, you will be sucked into this beautiful song the more you listen to it. Just remember to take it slow and easy. It’s a cruise after all.

Verdict: “Dheere Se” will make you hit the replay button…very quickly.

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