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Indie Music Review: Atmanam’s Essence is a hauntingly beautiful fusion of EDM and Violin

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It’s always a delight to hear Indian classical music fused with some ambient EDM every once in a while. If you too are an aficionado for such fusions, the Atmanam’s Essence will go right down your alley. The future bass sound merges well with Apoorva Krishna’s hauntingly beautiful vocals and violin microtones.

The video is shot in the heart of New York City, with Krishna playing the violin in a saree, standing in a bustling Times Square. The sight is lively and ironic as it projects a pre-COVID New York, back when the city had not become one of the epicenters for the global pandemic.

The song starts off on a movingly mellow note on the violin but Atmanam crescendos it to a more optimistic tone eventually, making Essence a soothing fusion track. The optimism brims further as Atmanamdedicates it to medical workers all over the world as they continue fighting the corona wave.

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