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In On The Ground, ROSÉ is wondrous: Score Reviews

In the music video for the first track from her solo debut album, Blackpink vocalist Rose is the very image of grandeur. She twirls, dances, reclines, blushes and floats into the brightest of skies as a creature of unreal beauty and hauzy grace. 

And yet, what she sings about is the core of both her artistic and human identity. 

I worked my whole life

Just to get right, just to be like

“Look at me, I’m never comin’ down

I worked my whole life

Just to get high, just to realise

Everything I need is on the

Everything I need is on the ground

A decidedly pop number, On The Ground is catchy with a dash of insight. She exhibits the rare confidence that comes from accepting your frailties along with your fabulousness (the latter of which Rose carries in spades). 

I’m way up in the clouds

And they say I’ve made it now

But I figured it out

Everything I need is on the ground (Yeah, yeah)

Just drove by your house (Just drove by your house)

So far from you now (So far from you now)

Whoever she sings about (if the shots of her gazing into herself is anything to go by, it’s herself), is both memory and inspiration for this striking new artistic avatar we see in Rose’s solo unfolding. 

The music video builds into the narrative by showcasing the diverse shades to a songstress – fierce girl who has taken over the world, aglow with the blush of a new love, a faerie-lookalike both of this world and above it. 

The song itself moves between fluttery strings and a club-worthy dropdown. It is fun, dynamic and yet conveys the unique depth to one of the world’s biggest pop stars. 

In her own words, she intends to let her fans know “that I’m no different than anyone else. I have the same thoughts in life, go through the same phases, and just like, I’m a lost soul too sometimes…..I just wanted my fans to kind of learn that I’m just as human as everybody else, and I can relate to a lot of things that everybody may be going through at this time.”

While her success and skill might make it hard to believe, her music does not. She comes clean about her human-ness, just with an effortless eloquence we don’t see too often. 

Watch On The Ground below:

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