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In conversation with Rashmeet Kaur and Gurbax – Score short Reads

Rashmeet Kaur and GURBAX’s Maiden Collaboration ‘Oceana’ Is A Lesson In Self-Empowerment. We had a chat with them about their journey with Kalamkaar, inspiration, and a lot more. 

Rashmeet Kaur: 

How has your journey with Kalamkaar records been so far?

Kalamkaar is my home label and it feels amazing working with them it’s not just a label it’s my home as I said it’s a family and we brainstorm lot of ideas together and work on them and keep getting better with every song that’s our purpose and people connect to it. I think if the feeling comes from within then it reaches to people it connects very well with the listeners. So ya it’s like a team, it’s like a family. 

In conversation with Rashmeet Kaur and Gurbax - Score short Reads

What inspired you to write Oceana?

I always wanted to work in a sad, romantic zone, soulful has been my vibe from the beginning. This is something I was really looking forward to, something like this to work with.  When I heard Oceanas instrumental track for the first time and it instantly came into my mind that this can be the zone I can explore next which I haven’t explored yet and it was so much fun working and it’s one of my best songs till date I feel

Tell us a little about the music video for Ocean

​The music video of Oceana was an incredible journey, it took 20-22 consecutive hours to shoot the entire music video And the memories we separately shot them before the main shoot day. 

It’s definitely an unforgettable experience, I don’t knowhow to swim but I did this entire underwater sequence in it and then I became a mermaid to be in this pond full of dry ice, dry ice is not good for skin so it was hard to be in the pond but then I think when there’s a will there’s a way and we always wanted to make something out of the box video for this song. This music video is unforgettable and one of the best experiences of my life

In conversation with Rashmeet Kaur and Gurbax - Score short Reads

What music genre are you most comfortable with? 

​I actually like to explore different genres and it’s not just one genre, I’ve learnt Indian classical and learning is a throughout life process and so I’m still learning I’m gonna learn throughout my life so I keep listening to different genre.

Right now I am listening to Afro and LO-FI hip hop and hip hop alot these days so exploring in those directions currently and ofcourse classical is root so I always try to improvise incorporate those learnings in my creations.

Upcoming projects –I’m currently working on my EP, which is going to be my second EP after ‘Musafir’ my debut EP And alot of collaboration and s also are in progress so wait for it! Stay tuned.


You’ve been working on this song since 2019. What made you drop the song finally in 2021?

​Mainly cause of the delays due to the pandemic. We were ready with the track by late 2020 but the shoot timeline kept getting pushed due to all the restrictions.

How is Oceana different from the rest of your discography? 

I feel like all my life I’ve aspired to make something as beautiful as ‘Oceana’. In the past my music has been more beat-centric. ‘Oceana’ is a pivotal track in my journey – it marks a shift towards a more vocal-centric, songwriter-driven sound.

In conversation with Rashmeet Kaur and Gurbax - Score short Reads

What is the one advice that you would want to give DJs and electronic producers in India?

Main thing id say is balance, especially in the beginning of your pursuit of the arts. Be extremely patient, don’t quit your day job unless you can sustain yourself through your music. 

Upcoming projects

Tons of new music. Maybe an album. A US Tour in October. So great ready! 2021 isn’t done yet

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