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Cha’bi – Hum Baithe Rahe Bas: Score Indie Reviews

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Cha’bi is a cross genre Hindi alternative/indie-pop band that was formed in late 2017. It broke through with an exclusive debut single on Apple Music in January 2018. ‘Raat Ka Aayina’ released on Apple Music’s ‘Hear It Here First’ program reached to Apple Music’s Future Hits playlist, Indian Pop playlist, The A-List Indian Pop playlist & #38 on the Alternative Genre charts Cha’bi is composed of Akshay Kapoor and Paras Khanna, a songwriter duo which evolves into a band for their live setup.

With originals like Raat Ka Aayina, Shayad Ke Main Zinda Nahin, Zamaana, Tum Sab Log Gadhe Ho and many more, the band is trying to carve their niche in the independent music scene. With heartfelt lyrics, contemporary writing and groovy arrangements, the band is an instant crowd pleaser. Cha’bi’s is back with its fourth single “Hum Baithe Rahe Bas” and that’s what we are reviewing here.

‘Hum Baithe Rahe Bas’ captures the feeling of being paralysed by circumstances. A lot of what happened in the last 1.5 years was sitting. Sitting and waiting for something to happen, sitting and being able to do nothing. The song was born out of that feeling. ‘Hum Baithe Rahe Bas’ talks about the feeling of inaction, of not being able to do something due to the circumstances you’re stuck in.

“I wrote this song in the midst of the pandemic. After spending weeks inside my room, looking at the world through my screen, night after night, it felt like I was paralysed by the circumstances I was put in. The song then came to me one night, all in one go, as if it was already written” says Akshay.

“I wanted to make the song sound grand but the lyrics and composition are so simple, that’s the exact reason why I went with an orchestra based production. The string section captures that vibe perfectly. Gives a melancholic vibe to the song too which we try to capture in all our songs. Most of the song was composed by Akshay beforehand but during one of our sessions, we wrote the bridge on the spot, which tied the whole song together” adds Paras

The song’s production is easy-going but orchestral in nature. The chorus is melodic and the whole song rests on the power of the lyrics.

As a thought provoking track, “Hum Baithe Rahe Bas” is intimate and truly reflective of what most of us have felt over the last year and a half. You can almost hear the fan blades whirring, the cinders flickering as the voice takes you into the story (which is more real than what many would find to be comfortable). Will this track help Cha’bi get some new fans? Who knows? A lot of people tend to shy away from melancholia. But those familiar with Cha’bi’s work have a lot of musical goodness to enjoy, and lyrical goodness to introspect with.

Verdict: Reflective.

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