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Akshay The One – “Ramayana” is a Clever Commentary: Score Indie Reviews

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Akshay The One is an Indian Rapper hailing from the town of Ludhiana, Punjab. Akshay is the first ever rapper to win an Indian Television Reality Show. Bringing in a young and fresh writing style, this 20 year old brings in an energy, eagerness and go-getter attitude which is very well reflected in his words and his references.

Akshay is currently belting out a plethora of branded content with a range of Indian as well as International brands. His latest track has been released through Big Indie Bang and it’s called “Ramayana”. Let’s find out more about it.

Through “Ramayana”, Akshay juxtaposes current societal norms, to the mythological epic. Taking digs at the concept of black and white, the groovy Hip-hop track is a commentary on the deep-seated hypocrisy that’s seeped into every aspect of society. Speaking about the track, Akshay said “this song is particularly relevant for the times we’re currently living in – with systems, order just breaking down in front of our eyes. Is this the world we really want to see ourselves living in? Something needs to be done and my song just expresses that feeling”. 

The music video of “Ramayana” looks straight out of a 90s video game. The music video sees the 21 year old rapper in a ‘gaming avatar’ where he’s seen to be fighting evil, but shows him clouded with his own ulterior motives (just like the rest of us). The fact that it was shot and produced during the days of COVID-19, is a great achievement.

While it might be easy to sit and wax poetic about the seamless way in which Akshay’s bars flow over the beats in “Ramayana”, it will be a crime to not talk about the production. The beats on “Ramayana” would make everyone feel like rapping over them. The lyrics are symbolic and quite meaningful. Even though the track is quite brief, it does leave a lasting impression. If you are an indie music or a hip hop fan who has been unaware of Akshay’s work, it’s time to awaken yourself from the slumber. “Ramayana” has definitely got the beats and rhymes that you should not sleep on.

Verdict: Reflective.

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