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How ‘Whiskey In The Jar’ is the best drinking song ever!

Today, oh yeh black livered alcoholics, we tell you how Whiskey in the Jar is the best song to pass out in a ditch to!

When you think of the Irish you think of drunk leprechauns, the colour green, drunk Bono , rich cultural heritage, drunk Pierce Brosnan and a whole lotta other drunk people. We’ve always dreamed of opening an Irish bar, where everyone can wear green (don’t ask me why, that’s how I picture it ok) and be merry and sing along to some drunk band playing some kickass music about being drunk.

However on St Patrick’s day, which we really don’t care or know anything about, lets pay homage to one of the best drinking songs the Irish have ever hit us with- Whiskey In The Jar. And get drunk right after.

The Dubliners version

[youtube_video id=8eOIU9ekSMk]

This traditional Irish folk version starts with some catchy bagpipes, which are followed by decadent vocals which will have you shaking a leg or three in no time. It takes you to a bar right at the end of an empty field of grass, where a lone bartender wipes a glass lazily while the hell breaks loose around him.

The Thin Lizzy Version:

[youtube_video id=TehFZ38kt6o]

My favourite version, it kicks off with a tasty guitar riff which slyly whispers in your ear that there’s so much more to come. Phil Lynott’s rough voice gives a punch to the story of the betrayed Highwayman.

 The Metallica version:

[youtube_video id=7B63UIKoIZ0]

The song proved to be a hit for everyone who decided to cover it, so Metallica jumped at the chance and added some heavy guitar parts and Hetfield’s voice to the affair. Although not the best attempt, it sure did add some well needed rage to the story.

Musha ring dum-a do dum-a da,

Whack for my daddy-o,

Whack for my daddy-o,

There’s whiskey in the jar-o.

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