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The Corrs: The good part of Nepotism

 Today being Caroline Corr’s birthday, lets talk about The Corrs.

Nepotism they say, is the end of everything good and pretty. However, when you look at The Corrs, you wonder if it in fact is the best thing that can ever happen to anyone. There’s something exceedingly bewitching about watching the Corr siblings play. Apart from the fact that they’re an unfairly good looking bunch, these guys can make some brilliant music! They probably own an Island or two too.

Their music Caroline explained in an interview, is a “blend of modern rhythms and technology with acoustic instruments, violin, tin whistle, drums, and of course the voices, the marrying of these instruments is our sound“. 

Listening to The Corrs is like embarking on a journey rich with culture and a dash of modernity. Each has his/her own distinctive style and instrument through which they complement each other. The instrumental below, is a perfect example of the beautiful, beautiful music they make together.  

[youtube_video id=BWj034v0TvE]

They’re the kind of wonder kids your parents wished they had.  

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