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Bring ‘Em Down: Music Video Review

Lostprophets posted the video for their single, Bring ‘Em Down, from their forthcoming album ‘Weapons’, releasing on April 2nd. 

Smoke clears…tied hands…a punch out of nowhere.


One chance with life is all you get

The Bring em down video  takes you back to the time you’d seen Fight Club for the first time, and the major adrenaline rush that it had hit you with. It looks like something out of a Tarantino film, with revenge as the primary theme. The sequence is set in a deserted underground setting where Ian, tied to a chair, singing cockily with a bloody mouth, takes punches as they come. 


Still kicking, still alive

A woman, supposedly the leader of the enemy gang, occasionally appears, glaring at him, pushing him, looking angry. Seriously, what is the woman doing?! And why is she overacting in such epic proportions? Was it a spur of the moment we-need-a-hot-girl-in-the-video decision guys? 


We built this to survive

There’s something deliciously raw about the video, which fits the song like expensive rubber. Ian, matching the mood of the song, sings mockingly, spitting at the burly men and the awkward woman battering him. If that wasn’t enough there’s an epic fight in the end, with general chaos and some good ol’ fists flying around. 


Here we go again!

Lostprophets are back kids. And they are your daddies.

[youtube_video id=-P-QpZcOu-A]

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