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Greatest Western Vocal Performers of All time

Western music  , irrespective of genre is quite a challenging style to perform- especially for a vocal performer. While we often talk about greatest instrument players, composers and symphonies which move our heart and soul, the focus on greatest vocal performers from the west is often overlooked.  The tremendous work which needs to be put in for a vocal performer is quite inspirational for sure.  On the eve of new year, we bring you the list of greatest vocal performers of all time who never go out of trend even after years pass by!

Aretha Franklin: The power, the zeal and the passion- all these are clearly evident in this amazing singer’s voice.  Her vocal projection of voice is something every young artist needs to learn and most of her songs of yesteryear are smashing hits.

Frank Sinatra: Speak of Jazz, speak of Frank Sinatra. This wonderful singer has brought life to songs like Fly Me To the Moon, Call me Irresponsible and The Way You Look Tonight which are admired and adored even till date. The master of romantic melodies, Frank Sinatra can never go out of time.

Louis Armstrong: How can we forget the all time classic “What a Wonderful World” which speaks so effortlessly about life? The perfect example of baritone voice and elegance- Louis Armstrong is a gift to the world of music.

Ella Fitzgerald: The funkiness, and chirpiness is the other side of feminine singing. The breezy singer Ella Fitzgerald has won many of our hearts with her magical renditions. Her duets with contemporaries such as Elvis Presley are worth mentioning as well.

Nina Simone: While a female singer is expected to be soft, slender and sweet sounding always, Nina Simone brought another dimension altogether. Her voice is brisk, raspy and conversational- which is amazingly evident in the classic “Just in Time”.  Nina Simone has brought a glamorous elegance to a Jazz singer!

Whitney Houston: The passion of a female singer is greatly presented by Whitney. Her Christmas carols, romantic solos emanate tremendous passion and zeal.  Her tremendous control over vocal range and presentational skills are additional asset.

Jim Coerce:  Country music is all about simple way of living, the deep philosophies of life are greatly evident in the lyrics as well. Jim Coerce is one fantastic vocalists who brought a new life to the genre. His sultry vocals are an absolute delight to hear. Don’t miss his greatest solo “I Got a Name” which also makes to the perfect road trip song list.

Tina Turner: This might be a surprise for the greatest performers list but her tremendous stage presence is worth mentioning. Her range of vocals get better as she ages by and brings out more and more best for sure. One of the greatest examples of her magical performance are “Proud Mary” and “We Don’t Need Another Hero”.

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