February 2020 issue featuring Prateek Kuhad on the cover

Cover Story- Prateek Kuhad
In conversation with Sandeep Narayan
Exclusive Interview: Joe Lamond, Present & CEO, NAMM Show
In conversation with Smrithi Rajgarhia, Director- Serendipity Arts Foundation & Festival.
Band of the month: Antariksh
Studio Tour: EMSquare Studios
Articles: Stop thrashing your (ear) drums- A hearing protection guide for musicians, The most fascinating periods of music history, Uses of Indian ragas in Medicine & Healing, 7 singers who are rocking the Punjabi music scene and more
Music Tech: Difference between Monophony, Polyphone & Paraphony, Difference between Mixing & Mastering, The Audio Interface Jungle, Why do similar Equalizer settings sound different at times?, How to build a great studio bass rack?
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