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Band of the month: Cryosis

Tell us your process of making music

When it comes to creating a record, inspiration is key. A unique vocal melody could inspire production or vice versa. Our approach, from a songwriting perspective, is story-line oriented, so there is almost always a beginning, a middle and an end. From a production perspective, our goal is to create a cohesive space for this story to be expressed and enhanced, and to create a listening experience that is immersive and experiential.

 How and what inspires you to write music?

Music as a medium is so powerful! We have all leaned towards music at times of happiness, joy or disappointment. To be able to touch people’s lives as musicians is a privilege and that thought inspires us daily. Generally, its things that we hear, read or see on a regular basis that sparks a thread of creativity.

Describe your gear and tech set up

We have our own recording studio in Mumbai where we record most of our music.

Most of our production is software oriented with Ableton Live at the heart of it, and we use high quality analog modelled plugins such as those by Slate digital and Universal Audio.

We use a Slate Digital VMS ML-1 mic that can emulate a great range of high quality and vintage microphones like U-47, Telefunken 251 etc

Our main software instruments are Serum, Omnisphere, MassiveX and a huge collection of Kontakt Libraries and our go-to guitars are a Fender Telecaster and a Sterling by Musicman Axis.

Our live setup consists of two almost identical rigs fitted with Alesis V-drums, Native Instruments keyboards and samplers, and a Presonus Studiolive rack mixer which is the brains of the setup. Sangeet and Siddhant in addition to playing keys and percussion, also have guitars on stage as well with Aakanksha on main vocals.

Which has been your best gig till date and why?

We spent the last two years writing and releasing music. Only recently, we have presented a showcase of our music as part of our debut in Mumbai. We are working on doing an India tour in the coming months that would include an immersive audiovisual experience.

 How did you guys come together to form a band?

Siddhant and Sangeet knew each other from the band scene in Odisha. They crossed paths while studying music in Mumbai. Aakanksha and Sangeet collaborated on a few projects, after which she was introduced to Siddhant. Then, one Starbucks coffee later, Cryosis was born.

How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard you?

When we create, we don’t limit ourselves to a particular style. The effort is to write memorable melodies and relatable stories which in our opinion is a fundamental aspect of Pop songwriting.

Our sound is a delicate balance of cinematic soundscapes, heavy synths & basses and mellifluous vocal hooks.

Upcoming projects

Our next single is coming out next month, called Breathe. The song is a letter to yourself. It’s about how we always hold ourselves to a societal standard for success, often overly critical of the errors we make trying to achieve this said success. We are collaborating with Tim from TFC to create an awesome new video and you’ll be able to see it on Vh1 and YouTube. Shortly thereafter, remixes of our first two singles Poison and Stay will be getting released. After that, we have our next couple of singles lined up which will blow the doors off! We have a very full release schedule and there will be a lot for everyone to look forward to from Cryosis in 2020!


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