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Good Music, For You, Me And Everyone!

Give These Little-Known, Uber Talented Artists A Listen. They’re Not Queer. Just Good.

If you look hard enough, you could find God. Really good indie artists are easier finds, strewn all over YouTube as they are. So remember that whenever you despair over the commercial stranglehold on music. Here are a couple of artists, who’ve quietly released their newest singles online, waiting for the word of mouth to spread. Like always, we’ll do our bit.

[youtube_video id=nGgSLRx-IPQ]

Ankur Tewari is a fairly well respected name within B-town circles, having scriptwritten for Bollywood, besides also being a regular on the live circuit with his Hindi/Urdu folk band, Ankur & The Ghalat Family. He premiered his latest single, Teri Yaad, on a recent edition of MTV Roots (check out the clip via the link given above). The song has a lot of soul, with extremely simple guitar hooks that compliment the lyrically artistry pretty well; goes great with the evening cuppa tea. 

[youtube_video id=DnltAXtqkpE]

Up and coming and talented, Nrithya Andrews sweeps you off your feet, but doesn’t fantasize for too long. If you’re still stuck in a reverie, it probably is her voice, which feels silkier than mueslin bedsheets, if that catches your fancy.

Chronicling a love story, hers or just generally, she catches the right emotions to elaborate on; like the uncertainties we face in the face of something so true. “Leave Boy, Leave..if you read between the lines, you’d know I want you to stay” are words of a veritable poet, who thrives on such incongruencies of life. And so does her music.

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