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Goddess Gagged and Providence Dominate Rolling Stone Metal Awards Nominations

The Nominations for the Rolling Stone Metal Awards 2012 are out – and there are quite a few surprises in store.

Goddess Gagged and Providence lead the pack with a whopping seven nominations each. The only category they both haven’t been nominated for is the ‘best keyboardist’, considering they both don’t. Have. One. That’s called killing it for you. Bangalore outfit Eccentric Pendulum also have multiple nominations as well as Mumbai’s experimental metal band Pangea.

Amazingly though, Keshav Dhar-led Skyharbor (which incidentally just opened for Lamb of God in Bangalore) which is the band EVERYONE’s been talking about nowadays managed to earn just three nominations.

The Rolling Stone Metal Awards 2012 will take place on the 1st of July 2012 at Blue Frog, Mumbai.

The entire list of nominees are as follows:

Best Band

Dark Helm

Eccentric Pendulum

Goddess Gagged



Best Album

 Persepolis – Dark Helm

Winding the Optics – Eccentric Pendulum

Resurfaces – Goddess Gagged

Snails Are When I Was Young – Pangea

Vanguard – Providence

Best Song

“The Axioms of Aphotic Expressions” – Eccentric Pendulum

“Visionary” – Goddess Gagged

“Every Photo Doesn’t Have a Ghost” – Pangea

“Watch Them Fall” – Providence

“Maeva” – Skyharbor

Best Vocalist

Nikhil Vastarey – Eccentric Pendulum

Siddharth Basrur – Goddess Gagged

Aman Virdi – Noiseware

Sunneith Revankar – Providence

Sunneith Revankar – Skyharbor

Best Guitarist

Devesh Dayal & Arman Menzies – Goddess Gagged

Adhiraj Singh & Aniket Patni – Noiseware

Akshay Rajpurohit – Pangea

Shezan Shaikh & Charan Singh Pathania – Providence

Keshav Dhar – Skyharbor

Best Drummer

Vibhas Venkatraman – Eccentric Pendulum

Jeremy D’Souza – Goddess Gagged

Ifty Sarwar – Insane Prophecy

Gautam Deb – Noiseware

Aaron Pinto – Providence

Best Bassist

Shubhrayu De – Dark Helm

Arun Natarajan – Eccentric Pendulum

Krishna Jhaveri – Goddess Gagged

Xulfi Nawaz – Insane Prophecy

Srikanth Rao – Providence

Best Keyboardist

Vivek Arun – Amethysts

Taz James – Chaotic Years

Aniketh Shankar – Dark Helm

Antriksh Bali – Ebonix

Shadaab Kadri– Pangea

Fans will be able to vote for their favourites to win in three categories – Best Song, Best Album and Best Band. To vote, go to the Rolling Stone Metal Awards website.

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