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Harman Live Performance Arena Brings You The Experience Of A Lifetime!

This year, at the Musician and PALM Expo, Harman Performance arena will bring you the live experience that you will never forget! 

This year at the Musician and PALM Expo, things are going to get real…and pretty kickass. Harman Performance Arena, along with workshops and clinics, will also bring you some of the best live acts around. From guitar virtuosos to drummer extraordinaires, you will be living in it’s afterglow for months to come.

We could gush on for pages, but for your sake we shall collect ourselves and tell you in detail about some of the highlights at the Harman Performance Arena:

Ibanez Guitarist, Fransesco Artusato:


Francesco Artusato is the current lead guitarist of All shall Perish, a deathcore band. The band mostly covers several different themes, mainly upon the foundation of politics, such as government control, fascism and corporate control.

Strange thing is, Francesco was actually into the Saxophone before. However, when he met his true love, the guitar, he realised that the Saxophone was just a fling (phew?). Intensely passionate about music, he says, “My whole body gets a positive shock for a moment. And I almost start shaking inside from the emotion I get from music.”. Our kinda guy, he is.

[youtube_video id=Yd-HsVAEW5A]


The word Parikrama means ‘orbital revolutions’ in Sanskrit. Maybe I’m just drawing baseless analogies here, but it fits their life in the scene is an almost perfect way. 

They’re the band, which everyone knows and have heard. They are known to combine core classical instruments like mridangam, tabla and flute with western instruments like Guitars, drums and keyboards. A lot of things can go wrong with this fusion, but Parikrama have seem to have gotten it right!

Their facebook introduction says “Pure F***in’ Rock … since 1991 AD“. HELL YEAH!, we say.

[youtube_video id=hnL3vh0-0wo]


When you first go through Dirk’s pictures, he looks like class A rock n’ roll drummer. But don’t be fooled by his looks, he has much knowledge too!

He has published several books like “1,000 Faces of Drum Styles”, “Future Drumming: Drum`n`Bass, House, Jungle”, “Chartreading for Drummers” and two separate Play Along CDs: “Jamtracks for Drummers” through the AMA Publishing Company. His latest book, “Pocket Rhythms for Drums” is recommended by Thomas Lang, Wolgang Haffner and Steve Smith and many more! So catch him in his element!

[youtube_video id=8QHecOc5eJc]


Sivamani, the ace percussionist, needs no fancy introduction. He’s just, cool. He can channel the enormous amount of pure music in him through any sort of instruments, from cymbals and drums to Octoban, Timbale, Darbuka, Udukai, Batajon, Kanjira and even shells and conches!

This year he will be performing with his new World Fusion band New Life!

[youtube_video id=4NypX7w7Sfk]


His first foray into the music scene was a AC/DC cover band and well, they sucked. But hey, at least it was AC/DC! Initially, it was mostly about the ladies, but sadly there weren’t a lot of women folk in his area. Just when he was genuinely getting into it, he got spotted by the VP of Digitech at that time (John Batliner). He got invited  to see the factory in SLC/USA and after meeting the engineers and the whole Digitech crew Ralf was hooked!

Since then he tours the world on behalf of Digitech, attends trade shows and conducts clinics and workshops.

[youtube_video id=2qAHfXjKgxw]

These are just a few of the many awesome musicians making their way to the Harman Live Performance arena! Be there!

Get the full Live Performance Arena Schedule here

Also, come say hi to us at stall no. A-38! You may not get cookies, but you can win free subscriptions!

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