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Linkin Park Releases Video For ‘Burn It Down’


When Linkin Park says that they’re going to ‘Burn It Down’, they mean business. 

Contrary to the popular belief, Linkin Park‘s ‘Burn It Down’ is not about bad-ass vandalism, it’s about plain ‘ol relationship problems.

The video features them in a futuristic room, which blends in perfectly with the charged and synth heavy feel of the song. The song builds up, as the emotions get more intense, running through them like the electricity in the room. The effects in the video are beautifully used and don’t seem so out of  place in the alleged break up song. Mike Shinoda, obviously, makes an entrance towards the end with his customary rap part.

Even though the video shows nothing remotely related to heart break, it still manages to convey exactly what the song is about. The eccentric setting actually manages to highlight the message in the song. Finally at the peak of their emotions and the end of the video, they collectively burst into flames, thus literally burning it down. Subtlety never does much good anyway. Watch!

[youtube_video id=dxytyRy-O1k]

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