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Rabbi Shergill says Hi to The Score Magazine: Album Launch


Rabbi Shergill, whom we had the pleasure to meet and talk to at great length at Hard Rock Cafe Mumbai, told us all about the creative process behind writing and composing the songs of his very recently launched third album Rabbi iii, which is being released world wide, exclusively through Universal Music.

Says Devraj Sanyal, Managing Director of Universal Music India, “As a musician Rabbi has proved himself to be an artist who is a notch above most simply because his lyrics and music are for the thinking individual. They convey a much deeper meaning and relate to thingshe stands for but at the same time his fans understand and more importantly embrace.

On this particular album, listeners will see how the content is very different from his previous albums, not just in with the lyrics, but also with the sound. Those who have previously associated Rabbi almost exclusively with acoustic ballads will be pleasantly surprised to find a much more developed electric guitar driven sound, made even more emphatic by his almost exclusive usage of Gibson Explorer. When asked about it, he mentioned “Right now, I am becoming more interested in Fender.” Sure enough, he played his set at Hard Rock Cafe Mumbai with a Fender Stratocaster. Ultimately, he says it doesn’t matter what model and make you choose – it is primarily about how you play it.”

The tracklist of the third album is as follows:

1. Ganga
2. Cabaret Weimar
3. Tu Hae Khubsurat
4. Tu Hi
5. Song For Picku
6. Zero Dubidha
7. Aadhi Kranti
8. Labhda Eyn Jihnun
9. Eho Hamara Jeevna

This time, Rabbi mentioned that he didn’t want the lyrics to be printed and included within the album. “People lose things all the time – a CD case is no different. I want people to listen to the lyrics this time… they will be available online, for those who really want to peruse through them.

The song ‘Ganga,’ played on his acoustic set with MTV Unplugged, is set to become the next ‘Bulla Ki Jaana‘, but here’s another interesting fact. Rabbi had intially wanted to name the album ‘Cabaret Weimar‘. Why? More on this, and everything else about his musical career so far coming later, in The Score Magazine! Stay tuned!

Special Thanks:

Myrtle D’Silva @ BrandSpk Communications

Reetu Rehal @ Avian-Media

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