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The King Turns 77!

Everything may just be a little too much. However you can never love Elvis too much, all he does is make you a fool for his charm and makes your heart go flip flip. With the king himself turning 77, there is only one message that can be put across – ELVIS LIVES! 

Daring to do what artists had only thought of, Elvis pushed boundaries. Growing up in a predominantly African American neighborhood he was influenced by ‘Rockabilly’ (a combination of Hill Billy and Rock). With provocative dance moves and a lover boy reputation that followed him till his (supposed) death, Elvis dared everyone in the music world as if to say ‘top this!’

Things Only Elvis Can Cool-ify!

Slick Hair:

The Elvis puff is no stranger to any of us. The only reason we can get away with pumping the front half of our hair up into something similar to a wall is because the man made sure it was considered cool and the IN thing.

Powder Blue

Suede in the 1950’s had become the latest fashion statement and Elvis had to have a piece of it. Having shoes custom made for him but not in brown or the traditional suede color. Oh no, his were in powder Blue. He even dedicated a song to them in which he makes it very clear as to how precious they are to him.

“You can burn my house, 

Steal my car, 

Drink my liquor 

From an old fruit jar. 

Do anything that you want to do, but uh-uh, 

Honey, lay off of my shoes 

Don’t you step on my blue suede shoes.”


For all the men out there. Ever had your mothers look at you and say those sideburns have to go? Well take a picture out of the king himself and tell her that something will never go out of fashion. The longer the better was Elvis’ motto.

Teddy Bear

Being comfortable with his masculinity was what made Elvis the rocker her was. Apart from gyrating his pelvis at a heightened audience he was probably one of the only male artists who could title a love song a Teddy Bear and make the audience go wild. 

Love Songs

Making a career as a rocker where out of 716 released songs of which 699 were love songs. I guess not all music needs to be about death, destruction and unhappiness. Giving all the listeners of the good bad and the ugly perspective to love.

[youtube_video id=efL17ekQZ5k] 

In memory of the King turning 77. Here are my two lists of Elvis Presley songs

5 Must Listens!


strong>Hound Dog

[youtube_video id=FJsQSb9RFo0]


Jailhouse Rock

[youtube_video id=zRu3tw9fYxE]


Blue Suede Shoes

[youtube_video id=SuqF_LC_U7Y]


strong>Love Me Tender or Can’t Help Falling in Love

(It’s impossible to choose between them. Just listen to both)

[youtube_video id=02PDf_-CQrs&ob=av2n]

[youtube_video id=5V430M59Yn8]


strong>A Little Less Conversation 

[youtube_video id=d0vXxH1IEmQ]

5 ELVISmania starters!

Heartbreak Hotel

[youtube_video id=efL17ekQZ5k]

strong>Too Much

[youtube_video id=FqgyZMOkr48]

All Shook Up

[youtube_video id=ATDJ8VPJG5s]

Hard Headed Woman

[youtube_video id=tRipt8GJ9GQ]

strong>A Big Hunk O’Love

[youtube_video id=6Sk1cSzZBqU]

With 90 charted albums and 10 of which reached number one successful there was no stopping the man. He rightfully maintains the title of ‘The King’. One couldn’t possibly be expected to listen to all 90 odd albums even expecting an individual to listen to 10 that reached number one seems farfetched.

Try listening to ‘Elvis: 30 1# Hits’ – an honest suggestion. Also, buy yourself a copy as Elvis will Never go out of Style!   

After listening to those songs you will agree with me that Elvis is still ALIVE! 

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