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Gig Review :: One Nite Stand at Hard Rock Cafe Bangalore


Mixing and mashing an assortment of genres, Bangalore based One Nite Stand managed to keep the audience on their toes during their gig at Hard Rock Café Bangalore.


One Nite Stand began in 2007 and have come a long way since then. They have been steadily entertaining audiences all over with their signature renditions of popular songs and have garnered a loyal fan base. The band comprises of Behram (Lead Vocals / Bass), Hemanth (Guitars), Neville (Backing Vocals / Keys) & Abhilash (Drums).

Behram’s vocals were really good on most of the songs they played and he was backed by Neville. The guitars were slightly jarring at the beginning of the show, but the sound was rectified later on. Hemanth’s guitar playing was to the point, without a lot of flash. The band, on the overall, was quite tight with only a few glitches here and there.

They mainly played covers from a variety of artists such as Coldplay, Michael Jackson, The Police, Maroon 5 and Bruno Mars. They performed mostly without technical glitches, except that it took quite some time to get Neville’s laptop on the speakers.  Neville’s keyboard also wasn’t clearly audible from where I was. By the way, the sound in HRC is pristine but deafening. I thought I could hear the band playing in my ears even after I left the venue.  

They opened up the show with a brilliant rendition of Coldplay’s Yellow, which was very well received by the audience. Behram’s singing on Yellow, and especially on their other Coldplay cover Fix You, was brilliant and natural. I get the impression that this is his forte. The band also got the audience dancing with Maroon 5’s Moves Like Jagger and Bruno Mars’ The Lazy Song.  However, their take on Every Breath You Take was slightly flat.

One Nite Stand also performed a couple of own compositions, to the joyous cheering of their loyal fans. Thanks to the insane volume, I really couldn’t decipher the lyrics however the instrumentation was decent and they can definitely work on it. The band really enjoyed playing their originals and that is a good thing. They also played a blues song which had a nice, funky guitar solo over it.

The band also had a couple of guest vocalists, including a guest rapper who was featured on Moves Like Jagger. At one point, it felt to me like there were too many vocalists on stage and their collective singing only resulted in confused output.  The band also played a few MJ songs such as Black or White and Billie Jean. Behram did add his own touch to the vocals and yet managed to keep the songs recognizable and relatable.

I also managed to witness the talented bartenders of HRC display their latent dancing abilities on the bar to Michael Jackson’s Bad. Good job guys!

Considering the big picture, it was surely an enjoyable gig and the audience was definitely entertained. I remember Behram saying that he couldn’t see the crowd, but trust me, they were surely having a lot of fun.

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