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Gig Review: Barefaced Liar at Hard Rock Cafe Bangalore

New Delhi’s Barefaced Liar takes Hard Rock Cafe Bangalore by storm!

The first thing you notice about Barefaced liar is that once they’re on stage, they’re an enthusiastic bunch. The New Delhi band currently has a single “Toe the Line” out, which is playing across radiowaves in Delhi. It’s got a real catchy riff that stays in your head long after the gig is over. However, I gave the radio edit a listen and it sounds much better live – the Radio version just sounds too…. over produced.

They had a good gig, mostly without technical difficulties, but towards the beginning, they did have a glitch and started one of their songs over. (Also, note to HRC: I know live music is supposed to be loud, but it’s not supposed to be DEAFENING. Just saying. It takes the charm off the band when you’re bleeding through the ears.)

Even though Akshay takes the lead vocals on most songs, Sumant isn’t far behind and when he does take on vocals he does a brilliant job. His modulation’s also better than Akshay’s, he hit both high and low notes really well. Akshay has the more stable voice. However, both harmonize together and create the unique sound that is Barefaced liar.

They played a mix of covers and originals, and most interestingly, a cover of taio cruz’s “Dynamite” as well as “Ayo Technology“. I’m not sure what Timbaland would have thought of that but well….. It was original, atleast. Some genres are just not meant to mix. BFL has always claimed that their music has been inspired by greats like Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and the Beatles. Mid gig, Akshay proclaimed that they were “Huge, huge fans of the Beatles” and proceeded to play a very enthusiastic cover.

All in all, BFL have come a long way since 2002. They play like a band which has spent enough time together to know that the other members have their backs. Sound is tight, vocals are good and the guitar riffs are just brilliant. They’ve managed to establish their own sound and are also doing pretty well commercially. We’re expecting a lot of things from this band in the future.

[youtube_video id=aRYKQE-0dYA]

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