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Apocalyptic Love: Album Review

 Slash is back with his second solo album ‘Apocalyptic Love’, and it’s got the usual him splashed all over!

Apocalyptic Love is, if I look at it clinically, extremely focused towards bringing you a particular kind of music. It never strays too far from that core idea. In that sense it is exactly what it sets out to be -a hard rockin’, 6 string burnin’, Harley Davidson V-Rod of an album blazing into the sunset. If that is exactly, precisely what you are looking for, it is one brilliant album. None of the songs disappoint as you’re given enough adrenalin to run through walls. Oh and it stays classy while maintaining the badass attitude that makes it fun to listen to.

But does it miss anything? Does it need a little more?

I’d say yes. It doesn’t push boundaries; it isn’t anything I haven’t really heard before. As I said- it’s extremely focused. Most of the album plays straight as an arrow’s path, hardly ever falling into a section of calm (which we know Slash is capable of. Sadly he’s just concentrated on heavy soloing). Each song is a great piece on its own but they all compete with each other for that timeless hard rock anthem status. What I’m going to do is stick all these songs in my phone and let them mix with all the other songs I have and play it on random, so whenever one comes on I can say ‘Yeah! That is Slash panned hard left in my ear and he’s awesome!!’ but there is no way I’m ever going to listen to the whole thing at one shot, the songs simply blur together.

And yes, Slash is panned hard left throughout the album. It’s nice because it feels like he’s got his own spotlight whenever he starts firing away. It takes time to get used to this on headphones as the rhythm guitar is panned to the right. Casual listeners might not enjoy this, but guitarists will love it. Every tiny nuance of Slash’s amazing performance is captured very well, with his amazing signature tone raw and in your face. Well, at least the left side of your face.

So what about everyone else? Myles Kennedy, the lead vocalist, is amazing as always, singing his heart out through every song. There really couldn’t be a better match for the Slash’s style in my opinion. They wrote the lyrics together, which aren’t special, but fit the mood well. The drums and bass sit holding Slash and Myles up from below, NEVER coming out and adding anything special. This album is solely about Slash and Myles. This also what I believe, makes this album feel so controlled. Had they let more minds in, it could well have been a spectacular album. Right now it’s great. Not spectacular, not good, it is firmly planted in great.

So in finality, do not buy it if you want a dozen unique songs that will shake your soul and take you to new places musically. Buy the album if you are a guitarist and want to analyze Slash’s tone and technique. OR if you want to learn to sing like Myles Kennedy. Buy it if you are a huge Slash fan and absolutely must have all of his material. Buy it if some nice guitar based music is what you want.  That’s all this is in the end.

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