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Gig Review :: Allegro Fudge, Coldplay Tribute:: Hard Rock Cafe, Bangalore :: July 19th

The city with an extrinsic taste for music came together at Hard Rock Cafe on Thursday night with Allegro Fudge playing a tribute to Coldplay, setting an ambience of Blues with a tinge of “Limestone Rock.”

Allegro fudge is Saahas Patil at vocals, Jason Zachariah on the Keys, Shalini Mohan on Base and Anish Nad on the strings!

Formed in 2005, the band plays an assemblage of different genres from pop, folk to classical jazz and claims to drive inspiration from people and events resulting in their signature distinct flavor.

This evening at the Hard Rock Café  however, they took us through a Coldplay tribute! Kickstarting their show with current charttopper Paradise, the band took us through an insane trip for the next 2 hours covering several songs including ‘In my Place’, ‘Trouble’, ‘Shiver’, ‘Yellow’ and ‘Viva La Vida’.

It wasn’t all Coldplay though. They did throw in some originals but hey when the glass is full, the mood is high and the songs are good, quite frankly, theme doesn’t matter! Their latest album ‘Maximum City’ has been rated 4 out of 5 in the latest issue of The Score Magazine.

Band’s lead vocalist Sahaas Patil speaks to Score:

Apart from Allegro Fudge, I work at an NGO called U and I from 10 to 6. What we do is provide education to under-privileged, orphans, state-run homes. I am a project manager there.

What genre of music is your personal favorite?

I don’t like to connect genre wise but I’ll tell you my favorite bands, like Dream Theater and Dave Matthews Band. John Mayer is very blues.  I listen to a lot of blues and R & B (Rhythm and Blues). I also listen to pop. The kind of music that we make is not restricted to a specific genre. We get inspirations from a lot of places like Coldplay which is alternative sound. 

What is the reaction of your audience? How does it change from each gig?

Reactions do differ. I think the whole factor that affects the crowd’s response is the songs. We just did a gig in Chennai and there I think we made the best sound ever and the crowd was very responsive. Everyone was all over us after the gig and I signed like 40 autographs that day (both guys and girls was his answer when asked about his excessive female fan followers). 

How are things different from when you started and now?

When I started it was more of making sound. Work was lot more pressurizing. Now I enjoy the music and the work that I do.


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